Token Name: Coin

Token Symbol: Privx

Max Supply: 200 000 000 Privx

Type: Global payments

Transactions speed: Up to 2000 trx per second

Transaction cost: 0,05USD

Confirmation time: up to 1 min

Blockchain: TRON blockchain

Functionalities: Refer a friend to use PrivateX mobile wallet and earn reward coins. 


Up to 150 transactions per second

Transaction cost: 1-5 USD

Transaction speed: 1 min - 1 day

Price – supply and demand

Privatexio coin


2000 transactions per second

Transaction cost: 0,05USD

Transaction speed: up to 1 min

Price – supply/demand + burning mechanism

20% Consulting24 profit and PivateX ecosystem projects will be used to buy back via smart contract within 90 days/24h equally. Coins will be burned.

PrivateX OÜ  
Rävala 19, Tallinn, Estonia

Activity license FVR000895 - Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

Activity license FRK000788 - Providing a virtual currency wallet service

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